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When you’ve experienced a loss, it’s important to make sure that your loved one’s arrangements are handled properly. Everyone has their own unique wishes for these types of arrangements, but managing these proceedings alone can be very difficult. 

Whether your loved one wants burial or cremation, we are committed to helping you arrange affordable, respectful proceedings while being sensitive to you and your family’s emotions during this tough time. Whether you know exactly what your loved one wanted or the decision has been left up to you, we are here to help. 

Understanding the Traditional Burial Option

While arrangements for ceremonies and obituaries vary, many people opt for a traditional burial. When it comes to managing this type of arrangement, it can be very difficult without help. We can help you handle all aspects of arranging a respectful burial ceremony according to your wishes as well as that of your loved one.

From the location to the type of viewing conditions, we can make sure that this delicate process is set up according to the wishes of your loved one. If they weren’t specific about their thoughts on traditional burial, we can answer any questions you have in order to help you make the right decision.  

Understanding the Cremation Option

Cremation is a popular alternative to traditional burial. Sometimes a person’s personal preference or spiritual beliefs lead them to prefer this option. Since it isn’t like a traditional burial, many people are uncertain about how to make these kinds of arrangements.

Sonoma Funeral Home specializes in providing seamless, affordable cremation services. Whether the ashes are to be scattered in a special ceremony or kept, we can help coordinate this process and the arrangements associated with it. 



Bronze Cremorials provide families the opportunity to combine a ground burial and cremation. The individually selected urn is securely placed directly into the Bronze Cremorial. 


Cremation benches are made of granite or marble and provide a permanent memorial to your loved one. An outdoor environment provides the ideal setting to reflect upon the life of a friend or loved one. A cremation bench would be an ideal place to survey the beauty of the surroundings and reminisce on a life well lived.

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Glass-Front Niches are a fairly new and tastefully classy option for those who choose to place cremains in a niche. It allows for a special place to go while keeping the unique individuality of the choice of urn viewable. Additionally, some families choose to place meaningful personal effects in these niches providing yet another way of keeping special memories alive.